Community Forum

Stories as Seeds for Change

"There are numbers and statistics when you start talking about a budget but what's not talked about is how these stories affect lives."

Seattle City Councillor

Changes in Food Access in South Park

Improving the access to healthy and appropriate foods in the South Park neighborhood has been an ongoing focus of the MOVE project. A wide variety of projects and partners have been working hard to grow local produce and improve food access, some for many years. We wanted to check in on how things are going in South Park, especially since it is the height of harvest season.

Using Stories for Policy Change - Lessons Learned

As we're about to hold our fourth forum, we've been granted the luxury of learning from our mistakes. Here are just a few of the challenges we faced in showcasing our stories through community forums, and what we've figured out along the way.

New Blog Series - Using Digital Stories to promote Health Equity

We know that stories can help persuade decision-makers about the value of an existing program or the need for new policy. Now, research demonstrates that stories can even be more effective than numbers, not just a complement to statistical data.

"ID on the MOVE" a success!

After most people had filed out of yesterday afternoon’s forum in the International District, the organizing partners gathered for a debriefing circle.  We agreed that by many measures, this event was a great success.  In fact, in some ways I think many of us were surprised by the powerful event that seemed to have taken on its own life there in front of us!