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Yakima en MOVE

En el Valle de Yakima se estan programando talleres de Historias Digitales auspiciados por el Fred Hutchitson Cancer Research Center para esta primavera – verano.

A Wave of New Stories . . .

As our CPPW funding comes to a close, there's been a frenzy of activity here at Mapping Voices for Equality.

We're particularly excited by this new story that brings together institutional change, obesity prevention, and .....acroyoga. Watch Dr. Lenna Liu's story -- it will not only have you requesting your schools and workplace to get rid of their soda machines, it might get you signed up for circus classes!

Stories to Get Out the Vote

In a few weeks, we'll be announcing activities to celebrate the one year celebration of MOVE in late October. Given the upcoming elections, we'll be focusing on MOVE stories designed to foster civic engagement. To get your wheels spinning, we would like to share a few stories created before the 2004 elections as part of the Better Questions, Better Decisions Voter Education Initiative, now the Right Question Voter Engagement Strategy. 

Women's Health, Women's Stories

Did you know that Hispanic/Latina women were more than 2.3 times as likely to have late or no prenatal care (12.2%) than non-Hispanic white women (5.3%). Or that African American women have higher death rates from breast cancer even though their rates of mammography screenings is nearly the same as that of white women?  (Data from CDC) What are the stories behind these statistics?

A brief exploration of web-based storytelling projects

It is always important to remember that the work you are doing is not in isolation. This is especially true when working on something as ancient as stories, in a medium so global as web-based multimedia. Around the country and the world, organizations and community groups are developing amazing websites about stories and interactive story and multimedia experiences. Here are just five that you should definitely explore.

StoryCorps - A massive US based project collecting and archiving personal stories through interviews.

MOVE to Tackle Other Inequities

With our initial funding from Seattle-King County Department of Public Health winding down, MOVE has been offered an no-cost extension through September of 2012. The primary focus of this funding will to be support the production and distribution of additional digital stories to address obesity and tobacco prevention, and we will also be using these months to explore next steps for MOVE.

Using Stories for Policy Change - Initial Outcomes

In this third installment of our blog series, "Using Digital Stories to Promote Health Equity," we look at the initial outcomes of the MOVE community forums. Take a look, and as always, let us know if you have any questions!