healthy eating

Healthy Food in Tammy's Family

As a mother, Tammy reflects on how she has changed to think about the nutrition, accessibility and affordability of the food she chooses for her family.

International District Community Kitchen

Participants of the International District Community Kitchen share a story of their experiences cooking, exchanging stories and eating together.

A Life I never Dreamed of

Farm Sirisisangpha tells the story of her unexpected journey to the United States and the unlikely paths she has taken to arrive at her like now. As the Community Advocate for the Mien, Hmong and Laotian communities at the International Community Health Services (ICHS), Farm leads support groups for women and educates her community on disease prevention and healthy living choices.

Diabetes Survivor

Aigalesala Iosua has been through so much since she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 1986. Having undergone multiple surgeries, strokes and heart attacks, "Aiga" has learned how to make healthier choices in her life to control her diabetes. No longer dependent on insulin, Aiga shares how she now exercises regularly and cooks healthier than she did before.

No Stranger to Diabetes

"No Stranger to Diabetes" is Alma Kern's story about hers and her family's fight for a healthy even when diabetes run in their family. Alma models her diabetes management after her grandfather and mother by having a good diet, exercise regimen and regular check-ups. As President of the Filipino Community of Seattle, Alma advocates for a healthy and productive life even under the struggles of diabetes.

Baking Bread

The process of baking bread is not just an art form for Will and his family, but it is a tradition that has been passed down through many generations. Baking bread, as Will narrates, is a way for him to connect to his family even when he is miles away from them.

Feeding Traditions

Francisco shares a story about his family's traditions around food, the wholesome Venezuelan ingredients that he grew up with and bonding with his family at meals.

Working Together for a Healthier Highline

Aimee tells about how the Highline School District has come together to help make healthier places to learn.

Food Landscape Assessment

The city has conducted a Community Food Landscape Assessment. The assessment identifies areas with limited food retail options, high densities of fast food restaurants, etc. You can access the assessment here: