Why I don't Like Tobacco

Ming is a youth who is passionate about the health and safety of his community, through his story expressing his concerns for the well being of his brothers being exposed to secondhand smoke, he hopes people will be more mindful and informed about the health risks of tobaccos use.

Miya's story

Despite living with many influences of tobacco use, Miya shares a story on how she resists these effects and will not smoke because she knows it will put her health in danger.

Me and My Dad

Nam shares a story about smoking in his family.

Thanh's Story

Thanh talks about the influences in his life, family and community that makes smoking cigarettes accessible for him and other youth. He admits that quitting is very difficult but he thinks of his niece and nephew and their health as he continues to try to quit.

Victory Over Tobacco

Walter defeats his smoking habit, but only when smoke-free policies are accompanied by social support. 
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Frustration - Vietnamese Version

Minh discusses the impact of tobacco on her family and her community.


Minh discusses the impact of tobacco on her family and her community.

Treat everyone as if they were your mother

Secondhand smoke is not only unpleasant, it's dangerous and deadly. Secondhand smoke policies protect us all and save lives.


Antonio explica como el nacimiento de su hijo era la motivación necesario para tener éxito dejar de fumar. También explica como cambiaron no más sus hábitos, pero también su modo de pensar sobre el uso del tabaco.

Antonio shares how the birth of his child was the needed motivation to trigger his successful cessation of tobacco use and how it changed not only his habits but his attitude about tobacco use in general.