Breaking Taboos

Tony addresses the reasons why Asian Americans do not discuss their health, how he has embraced the rich culture of his community and how he became involved with Hepatitis B outreach.

My Journey with Breast Cancer

A breast cancer survivor, Monika talks about her experience being diagnosed with breast cancer and how living with cancer has affected her and her family. She wants to reach out to other families of her community by sharing the challenges, motivation and acceptance that she faced in her journey with cancer.

Why I don't Like Tobacco

Ming is a youth who is passionate about the health and safety of his community, through his story expressing his concerns for the well being of his brothers being exposed to secondhand smoke, he hopes people will be more mindful and informed about the health risks of tobaccos use.

Miya's story

Despite living with many influences of tobacco use, Miya shares a story on how she resists these effects and will not smoke because she knows it will put her health in danger.

Me and My Dad

Nam shares a story about smoking in his family.


Paul Le, shares memories of his and his family's experience as immigrants to the U.S. He remembers the gratitude that he felt for the help and interpretation services they received from non-profit agencies to apply for public resources. As an ICHS Americorps Patient Navigator, Paul gets to relive these memories with the patients who he helps connect with public and health resources.

How to Love My Family

In her position as an ICHS Community Advocate for the Korean community, Jiwon encounters many clients and families whose situations remind her of her father and father-in-law. She sees how people tend to prioritize work and education over their health and it reminds her of how her family members suffered from illnesses after not taking earlier preventive measures on their health. Jiwon learns how to better to take care of her family by first taking care of her health.

Secondhand smoke

Tobacco use is harmful, not just for the user, but for those around them, family, friends and co-workers. In this story, Valorie shares how her father was diagnosed and died of Lung cancer even though he had never smoked cigarettes.

Thanh's Story

Thanh talks about the influences in his life, family and community that makes smoking cigarettes accessible for him and other youth. He admits that quitting is very difficult but he thinks of his niece and nephew and their health as he continues to try to quit.