Healthy Food in Tammy's Family

As a mother, Tammy reflects on how she has changed to think about the nutrition, accessibility and affordability of the food she chooses for her family.


Pauline shares a story about her childhood experiences facing limited medical interpretation services and having to be the translator for her family.

Places and Palms

 "It’s empowering to make your own story, people think their stories don’t matter, you share it and realize ’WOW, this can help!”
Healthier Together StoryMapping Participant

Together We Make History

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) this year, the Outreach and Enrollment team at the International Community Health Services dedicated innumerable efforts to mobilize the community around getting health coverage through the ACA. The combined energy and hard work of the staff at ICHS and our partner organizations created access to healthcare for a broad range of the community that never had that access before.

My First Mammogram

Maggievay Perofeta speaks about her experience getting her very first Mammogram. Having little knowledge of mammograms before her first, Maggievay admits that she was nervous and doubtful about going through with the screening. She relates to many other Pacific Islander women who are unsure about getting mammograms and other preventative screenings. In sharing that she felt relieved and glad after receiving her first mammogram, she relays the message of the importance of getting screened to the members of her community and encourages women of age to get screened.

ICHS Made it Easy for Me

YiJi Zhang shares a story about his enrollment process in the Affordable Care Act. A new client to ICHS, YiJi talks about the tremendous help he received from the In-Person Assisters and staff at ICHS. He wanted to pass on this resource about assistance in applying for healthcare coverage to his friends and community.

Stories as Seeds for Change

"There are numbers and statistics when you start talking about a budget but what's not talked about is how these stories affect lives."

Seattle City Councillor

A Shift to Distribution

For the past few years, MOVE partners have been busy producing stories about health equity. In fact, there are almost 200 stories on the site now! Yup, I had to doublecheck that myself.

Hepatitis B 101

This educational video on Hepatitis B was created and produced through a collaboration between the International Community Health Services, WithinReach of Washington and Dr. Chia Wang that was funded by a Gilead grant. The Hepatitis B virus is an infectious disease that damages the liver and can lead to liver cancer. People from Asia, the Pacific Islands and Sub-Saharan Africa are at the highest risk of being infected by this virus.  Create awareness for this disease, its methods of prevention and treatment in your community.

International District Community Kitchen

Participants of the International District Community Kitchen share a story of their experiences cooking, exchanging stories and eating together.