Taking Care of You

Janelle Okorogu, Project Coordinator at the Center for Multicultural Health, shares her story of her through Graduate School, rising above challenges and barriers and learning the important lesson of Self-Care.

A Life I never Dreamed of

Farm Sirisisangpha tells the story of her unexpected journey to the United States and the unlikely paths she has taken to arrive at her like now. As the Community Advocate for the Mien, Hmong and Laotian communities at the International Community Health Services (ICHS), Farm leads support groups for women and educates her community on disease prevention and healthy living choices.

Cagaarshow or Beer Holciye

Mohamed talked about how his Somali people call Hepatitis B  “Cagaarshoow”, which means “the conditions that makes eye color greenish. and how traditional treatment is used for this disease" . "Increased knowledge and awareness is needed in my community to protect themselves from Hepatitis B", he added.  Mohamed believes if Somalis know that this ailment is caused by the virus then they will deal with it more seriously.

Diabetes Survivor

Aigalesala Iosua has been through so much since she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 1986. Having undergone multiple surgeries, strokes and heart attacks, "Aiga" has learned how to make healthier choices in her life to control her diabetes. No longer dependent on insulin, Aiga shares how she now exercises regularly and cooks healthier than she did before.

Mi familia

Pepe recuerda su infancia y la compara con la de las familias que son separadas por problemas migratorios y como los valores familiares nos podian ayudar a lograr una reforma migratoria.


Alejandra comparte sus logros y esperanzas de que una reforma migratoria le permita terminar sus estudios y ser independiente.

My Voice

Joe Raymundo tell us how his life changed when he found out that he really had a voice in the community.

Mi Voz

Joe Raymundo cuenta como cambio su vida cuando descubrio que realmente tenia una voz en la comunidad

La Historia de Alexandra

Alexandra cuenta su historia y sus esperanzas de que una reforma migratoria le permita alcanzar sus metas

Alexandra story

Alexandra share her story and her dreams about an immigration reform that allows her to achieve her goals.