MOVE turns two!

This week is MOVE's second anniversary....prime time to review some of the highlights of our second year including...

Feeding Traditions

Francisco shares a story about his family's traditions around food, the wholesome Venezuelan ingredients that he grew up with and bonding with his family at meals.

Looking For Answers About Pesticides...Together

Researchers the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have been working with communities in the Yakima Valley of Washington State to better understand the health risks of pesticide exposure. They have also been providing information to farmworker families on how they can better protect themselves from pesticide exposure. This digital story provides perspectives from community members who participated in this research project that started in 1998.

Because...it's never too late

Digital story created by Abigail Galvan in which tells about her journey leaving her home at the young age of 14 and starting her own family. As a result of her encounters in her work at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and seeing her family members suffer from cancer and diabetes, she learned that she liked helping others. In order to make a better life for herself and her family, she decided to get a bachelor's degree in biological sciences and will go on to study become a Physician's Assistant.

Living in the shadow of DIABETES

Digital story created by Robert Gonzalez in which he shares how prevalent diabetes is in his family history. He was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 46. He lives with diabetes in his shadow and he knows that if he ignores his diabetes, it will make itself known to him. He wants others to know that despite a family history with diabetes, you can live with it and keep it under control with a healthy diet and exercise and if needed, medications.

Victory Over Tobacco

Walter defeats his smoking habit, but only when smoke-free policies are accompanied by social support. 
Viewers of these educational videos should be aware that funding sources may have different requirements governing the appropriate use of those funds. Under U.S. law, no Federal funds are permitted to be used for lobbying or to influence, directly or indirectly, specific pieces of pending or proposed legislation at the federal, state, or local levels.

I Didn't Know

Carmetrus's personal story explains her goal for young pregnant women to have access to culturally appropriate prenatal care.

An Open Door to Health Equity

Marta describes how community health workers help communities persist through times of stress and the ability for education to break cycles of poverty.

Kent Hunger

This project is sponsored by the City of Kent Arts Commission and produced by Reel Grrls, an award-winning media and technology program. Earlier this year, 8 high school students from Kent-Meridian and Kent Phoenix Academy attended a 3-day course in video production.

Sickle Cell Awareness

Karen created this story in honor of Sickle Cell Awareness Month in order for parents to make informed choices.