MOVE model to be replicated in Florida

MOVE started its replication process with baby steps. Pierce County. Yakima County....umm? Palm Beach County?! Nope, it's not just a ploy to escape the Seattle winter for some Florida sun. We're excited to announce that  MOVE partners, Creative Narrations, have partnered with the Palm Healthcare Foundation to create a MOVE-like tool for  Palm Beach County.

Elaine's Story... Tobacco as a Social Justice Issue

Elaine Ishihara recounts her struggles with smoking cigarettes through out her 25 years of tobacco use. Healthy and tobacco-free for over 15 years, Elaine now addresses tobacco as a social justice issue as the Director the Asian Pacific Islanders Coalition Against Tobacco (APICAT). She has also organized the Tobacco Control Movement and points out that for diverse communities, smoking rates remain high while prevalence rates lowered for the general population during Washington State's 10-year comprehensive tobacco prevention and control program.

No Stranger to Diabetes

"No Stranger to Diabetes" is Alma Kern's story about hers and her family's fight for a healthy even when diabetes run in their family. Alma models her diabetes management after her grandfather and mother by having a good diet, exercise regimen and regular check-ups. As President of the Filipino Community of Seattle, Alma advocates for a healthy and productive life even under the struggles of diabetes.

Overcoming Barriers

Breast Cervical and Colon Health Program (BCCHP) Coordinator at ICHS, Veronica recounts the barriers and misconceptions around preventative screenings she encountered in her work with the community. She talks about her journey through finding ways to meeting the patients' needs, education and helping them overcome barriers.

Story Pairs: Breaking Silence

In the true storytellers fashion, we're ending our story pairs week by circling back to our mothers. A few years ago, Devon Love created this piece, Breaking Silence for Prevention, to challenge others to begin to speak about the realities of cancer in her community.

Story Pairs: Race, Culture, and Diabetes

The story that really was behind this STORY PAIRS festival was from the first digital storytelling workshop in Seattle with Sea Mar Community Health Centers in 2009. Back then, Mayra Carrillo was finishing up her Americorps stint. Mayra was one of those storytellers who read aloud the first draft of her script to a reaction of  awe and silence. don't think she changed a word.

Baking Bread

The process of baking bread is not just an art form for Will and his family, but it is a tradition that has been passed down through many generations. Baking bread, as Will narrates, is a way for him to connect to his family even when he is miles away from them.

Olivias's Story

This video was created on behalf of doctor and patient’s family request. We wish the best for patient and a quick recovery and hope to be cancer free.

Story Pairs: Safe Bike Access for the Next Generation

Although Guadalupe paints a vivid story about what it is like biking in some areas of Tuscon, a place far from me, I hear her story being told by countless communities in Washington State. The sense of place makes it real, but also lets me relate. I work with schools around Wasington to teach youth how to ride a bike and encourage them to ride. Unfortunately, many of these communities are like Guadalupe's where the infrastructure is lacking or dangerous.

Story Pairs: Healthy Snacks for Our Young Ones

"It's clear that from Cincinnati to Seattle that action is needed to support, protect, and empower our next generation. While challenges are unique in some ways to our local environments, we also have a great deal in common. We have an entire nation of children and young people ready to take steps towards healthy living as long as we support them." Emma Brewster in reaction to Comec'ko's story.