Daddy, Me, and Our Diabetes Journey

Evonne's moving piece about losing her father to diabetes two related complications.

Silent Killer

Edison discusses hepatitis B and the confusion and lack of awareness that exists about the disease in the Asian community.  His video was produced through a partnership between ICHS and the Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington housed at WithinReach.  For more information please visit the coalition's website at: www.withinreachwa.org/what-we-do/healthy-communities/immunizations/hepatitis-coalition-wa/.

My Journey

Digital story created by Antonia Gutierrez which tells about her colon cancer diagnosis and treatment.  If you are 50 or older, talk to your doctor about colorectal cancer screening.  She wants other people facing a cancer diagnosis to know that is it not a death sentence - never give up and stay positive!

My Life With Cancer

Digital story created by Carmina C. Borrego which tells about her journey fighting Stage III breast cancer.  She has chosen to fight this disease - to live -  for herself and her son.  She wants others to know that cancer treatment can be a battle, but it is important to follow your doctor's treatment recommendations to fight your cancer.

MOVE presents at Create, Act, Change

In May of 2013, over 150 digital storytellers from across the globe gathered for "Create, Act, Change" the 5th International Conference on Digital Storytelling hosted by the Hacettepe University Communications Department. Natasha Freidus, co-director of MOVE partner Creative Narrations, represented the MOVE project on a panel entitled "Digital Storytelling and Experience. 

Women Get Breast Screenings

Veronika describes her experience with mammogram screening at a community health fair.  To learn more about mammograms and breast cancer prevention please visit the Puget Sound Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure at www.komenpugetsound.org. For more information about how to access free or low cost mammogram screenings please contact ICHS Community Advocate Fa'amaile Frost at 206-788-3554.

Aetna Foundation Provides New Support to MOVE at ICHS


This year MOVE partner ICHS has received funding from the Aetna Foundation to support digital story work focused on chronic disease prevention, health equity, and community empowerment.  MOVE-ICHS will work with community members to produce stories on a range of chronic disease prevention topics such as access to health, fresh grown foods, and tobacco prevention.  The team is already at work and has three stories in process related to healthy food access and diabetes prevention.

MOVE poised to go broader, deeper...

In 2013 MOVE is poised to expand its model nationally, while delving deeper into Seattle neighborhods.

Nuts About Oral Health

Maria wonders why oral health is taken for granted.