Fight the Good Fight

Nora tells her story of how her family faced and overcame her father's cancer diagnosis

The Heart of My Family

Monica reflects on how becoming aware of your family's genetic history can help you to stay healthy.

Alejandro y Alejandra

Ariana tells her story about  not having her dad , and the words that always he said, " Cuidate mucho Mija " have helped her try to feed her baby in a healthy way and live a healthier life as he always told her to.

Capacity Building at MOVE

At MOVE, our goal is for our community partners to have the capacity in-house to produce and disseminate stories. At our quarterly advisory board meeting on Friday, it was exciting to hear about the different ways that MOVE partners are integrating digital storytelling into their outreach strategies. 

Tukwila Pedals into the Future

Frank tells about how The Bicycle Alliance of Washington helped him teach bike safety to his elementary school students in Tukwila Washington.

Happy Birthday MOVE!

“It was very exciting sharing Step-by- Step with the City of Des Moines during their council meeting—the Council and the audience of about 30 people watched and listened carefully. Step-by-Step and all the local partners helped move the Healthy Des Moines movement and our healthy eating active living outcomes forward in the City.” 
Sue Anderson, Former Policy Analyst, City of Des Moines and MOVE advisory board member 

Why Marriage Matters

Martha shares why she and her partner accepted to become part of the Why Marriage Matters Campaign.

Highline Public Schools Makes a Difference

What can a school district do to encourage healthy students? Aimee, from Highline Public Schools, created a story to talk about efforts over the past several years to improve health outcomes for Highline's students, families and community. They began with a simple fact: Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if their students and staff are not healthy.

Working Together for a Healthier Highline

Aimee tells about how the Highline School District has come together to help make healthier places to learn.