The Voyage of Discovery

Karen describes her journey discovery her identity as a Japanese American and the importance of mentors like Upward Bound.

Life is a Learning Process

Marie realizes the importance of early childhood education.

PEARLS: Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives

Lori talks about the difficulties of being a female veteran and how PEARLS can help.

The Heart of Service

Mary Pat talks about the spirit of service that her family taught her.

Another Day... Another Step

Irene describes how she developed a love for walking in Seattle, WA.

Fight the Good Fight

Nora tells her story of how her family faced and overcame her father's cancer diagnosis

The Heart of My Family

Monica reflects on how becoming aware of your family's genetic history can help you to stay healthy.

Alejandro y Alejandra

Ariana tells her story about  not having her dad , and the words that always he said, " Cuidate mucho Mija " have helped her try to feed her baby in a healthy way and live a healthier life as he always told her to.

Capacity Building at MOVE

At MOVE, our goal is for our community partners to have the capacity in-house to produce and disseminate stories. At our quarterly advisory board meeting on Friday, it was exciting to hear about the different ways that MOVE partners are integrating digital storytelling into their outreach strategies.