Lena's Digital Story 2012

Lena learns how to improve the food provided in schools  through adding fruits and vegetables --  these changes mean a great deal in the lives of many students. 

Lena created this story as part of her internship with FEEST , an innovative food justice and youth empowerment program based in White Center.

Take Action:

  • Learn more about FEEST
  • Talk to your decision-makers about school nutrition. 

"Beautifully Bald"

This short video details the story of a women served by Healthpoint, a Komen Puget Sound grantee organization.

"I am a Warrior"

In this short video was produced by a member of Cancer Lifeline, a Komen Puget Sound Grantee organization.

"The Story of Julie Siliga"

This short video was created by a community 

"My Friendship with Cancer"

This video was created by a woman associated with the Samoan National Nurses Association, a Komen Puget Sound grantee organization. 

"The Story of Shannon"

This short video was created by Lena Scott, a 

"Sojanti's Story"

This short video was created by a women served by the Franciscan Foundation, a Komen Puget Sound grantee organization.

A Faithful Woman's Journey

Lanuola Uti shares the story of her mother Lagi Uti who passed away from breast cancer Upon initial diagnosis, Lagi was in denial and refused treatment.

Stories to Get Out the Vote

In a few weeks, we'll be announcing activities to celebrate the one year celebration of MOVE in late October. Given the upcoming elections, we'll be focusing on MOVE stories designed to foster civic engagement. To get your wheels spinning, we would like to share a few stories created before the 2004 elections as part of the Better Questions, Better Decisions Voter Education Initiative, now the Right Question Voter Engagement Strategy.