Happy Birthday MOVE!

“It was very exciting sharing Step-by- Step with the City of Des Moines during their council meeting—the Council and the audience of about 30 people watched and listened carefully. Step-by-Step and all the local partners helped move the Healthy Des Moines movement and our healthy eating active living outcomes forward in the City.” 
Sue Anderson, Former Policy Analyst, City of Des Moines and MOVE advisory board member 

Why Marriage Matters

Martha shares why she and her partner accepted to become part of the Why Marriage Matters Campaign.

Highline Public Schools Makes a Difference

What can a school district do to encourage healthy students? Aimee, from Highline Public Schools, created a story to talk about efforts over the past several years to improve health outcomes for Highline's students, families and community. They began with a simple fact: Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if their students and staff are not healthy.

Working Together for a Healthier Highline

Aimee tells about how the Highline School District has come together to help make healthier places to learn.

A Wave of New Stories . . .

As our CPPW funding comes to a close, there's been a frenzy of activity here at Mapping Voices for Equality.

We're particularly excited by this new story that brings together institutional change, obesity prevention, and .....acroyoga. Watch Dr. Lenna Liu's story -- it will not only have you requesting your schools and workplace to get rid of their soda machines, it might get you signed up for circus classes!

The Commitment for Change

Through volunteering with DECA, Wendy has become passionate about helping kids become more physically active.

Walk the Talk - People and Institutions Can Do It

Dr. Lenna Liu tells her story about walking the talk, from modeling healthy activity for her children and her patients to helping her workplace, Seattle Children's, model healthy nutritional environments.

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If You Give a Kid a Hula Hoop...

Kassy, an Auburn High School student, reflects on her work with DECA and realizes how lucky she is that her parents encourages her to be active.


in this video the young people participating in  Feest share their experiences, learning about eat healthy food.

This story was created as part of the internship with FEEST, an innovative food justice and youth empowerment program based in White Center.


How to Make Ligmat!

in this video we see how to make a cookie recipe calls LIGMAT.

This video was created as part of the intership with FEEST, an innovative food justice and youth empowerment program based in White Center.